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Welcome to our learning centre. Here you can learn about common eye related problems that we diagnose and treat, but more importantly, help avoid.


Age related macular degeneration (ARMD)- The macula of the eye enables us to see clear images in our central field of vision. With age, this area can degenerate causing loss of central vision. There is a dry and wet form of ARMD.


The lens is responsible for focusing light rays entering the eye. Over time, it can become cloudy and cause the deterioration of vision. This “clouding” of the lens is called a cataract and usually occurs later in life as they are a result of the aging process. Risk factors for cataracts include ultraviolet light, certain medications and some systemic conditions.


Sometimes the eye is shaped in such a way that light does not focus on a central point within the eye. This change in shape is called astigmatism and can result in blurry vision. The amount of astigmatism can vary and will be measured during the eye examination and if necessary, glasses may be prescribed.


Glaucoma is a progressive optic neuropathy which can cause peripheral field loss and in more advanced cases, central vision loss. There are several types of glaucoma and most are associated with elevated intraocular pressure.


When the eye has too much power, or is too long in length, it is considered to have myopia. These changes affect the location of images entering the eye and therefore their clarity. To correct myopia, the optometrist will determine the refractive power of the eye and may prescribe glasses.


Hyperopia is a vision condition that results when the eye is too short in length or does not have enough power. This causes near objects  to appear out of focus while distant objects are usually clear. Eyeglasses can be prescribed to correct the condition.



With age, the internal structures of the eye can change. Some lose their flexibility which can cause the loss of accomodation. That is, the ability to focus on near images.  A special prescription for reading glasses will help alleviate the symptoms of presbyopia.



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